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Important notice: Schedule your death in 2010

Right at this moment the deathtax is 37%. According to the tax code, beginning 1/1/10 through 1/1/11 if you die and leave your children your wealth free of deathtax. If you choose not to die- the rate is going to jump up to 55%. Then, you might enjoy giving your kids 45% of all you worked for in your life. Granted some of you may think you dont have enough money to worry, but those of you that have a million dollar insurance policy kiss that thought goodbye. 50% of all households have two income earners in America, that easily puts many citizens inheritances in the line of fire of the million dollar threshold.

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So, looking at the news today, a poll already surfaced:

So I want to go on the record-s-. President elect Obama made alot of promises, its my opinion that when it seems he will not deliver on these promises, he and other liberals first excuse and main excuse will be GW BUSH. Yes, I know all through the election, we heard this trotted out: “Vote for McCain= 4 more years of Bush”.

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Would you give up your job, for Obamas tax cuts?

” Actually….I don’t think ANYONE gets it…except us little guys..We get it..in the ass ! ”


We’re all taking it in the ass…just some of us realize no matter what, taking money from one group of people and merely handing it to another group …its not only not gonna fix this anal raping, its plain out socialism.

The rich didnt screw you…they did what all Americans want to do -make it rich.

The govt screws you because, they bailout people who deserve to fail.

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