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I wonder…


I wonder if Obama and the media will call this guy a “tea bagger, right wing racist, facist, terrorist, neocon, hate monger”

It gets tiresome listening to hipocrisy.If a union worker gets out an protests with their pickets and signs- its extrodinary exercise of their constitutional rights. If a conservative does so they are obviously wacko’s…lol

All the uproar over death threats and the like, trying subterfuge to avoid the recoil of a scorned people. Let’s call the 9.12’s and Tea Party activists names(to discredit them) and when they say no to something -they are insulting a protected class(they have to be a racist of course and excluded). Let’s blame them for violent behavior(to shut them up)…yet Nancy walked unabaded through them to go vote for socialized Healthcare…and wasnt harmed hmmmm.

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Obama the “F” word?

The article below was found on Nealz Nuze, at Boortz.com. I read this blog just about daily, and come across this. I have always maintained, that Obama wasn’t the sort of proCapitalist- free enterprise leader we need. He is and always has been a Socialist. His speech is always in more government control, central planning, equalizing everyone into drones, everyone is paid the same, and can say what they want as long as its not against the government, and agree to be dictated to by the elite.

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So, looking at the news today, a poll already surfaced:

So I want to go on the record-s-. President elect Obama made alot of promises, its my opinion that when it seems he will not deliver on these promises, he and other liberals first excuse and main excuse will be GW BUSH. Yes, I know all through the election, we heard this trotted out: “Vote for McCain= 4 more years of Bush”.

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Self determination?

“So then, your problem isn’t that either of them wish to give Government money to those who don’t pay taxes and or are unemployed, it’s strictly about where he gets the money?”

No.. I have a problem with a government policy that promotes charity over teaching. It prefers to control industry, instead of cultivate a vigorous job market.

That would tax the hell out of the people, business, profits, a tax pollution, property, tax on employees, tax on death, tax on interest, sales tax, etc… all these taxes…the second highest tax climate on the planet, why ? To pay for government charity.

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