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Harry Reid pandering to the unions shows he is crooked too.

Ok, so in the recent news we have the ever open mouth of Harry Reid, touting how Secretary Paulson, has this power to bailout the unions.( ‘he has the power but just won’t do it’, implying that he solely is in favor of the big 3 failing) No I didn’t say that wrong, make no mistake- this isnt about the automakers failing. This is strictly about the UAW voters whom the liberals have been swooning to as of late to ensure their pocket voters will stay in their corner in all the forthcoming elections.

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Hipocrisy of the Liberals

 Actually perhaps I’m stupid merely cause I don’t buy into the ‘ruleset’ that you seem to think qualifies or quantifies people.
You folks may take your liberty with a grain of salt -I don’t, you may want to socialize medicine, banking, housing, and then steal money from 5 percent of the nation and hand it over to other people, half of which don’t even pay a penny into the system…but I am not for that…and for the record I am a Libertarian.. I am not a republican stumping for Palin…however…if by accident some hand of God…she became president…I have more confidence in her -then I do anyone who wants to increase spending, put the deficit on the back burner, and one by one will start erasing my freedoms..

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