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Obama the “F” word?

The article below was found on Nealz Nuze, at Boortz.com. I read this blog just about daily, and come across this. I have always maintained, that Obama wasn’t the sort of proCapitalist- free enterprise leader we need. He is and always has been a Socialist. His speech is always in more government control, central planning, equalizing everyone into drones, everyone is paid the same, and can say what they want as long as its not against the government, and agree to be dictated to by the elite.

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Important notice: Schedule your death in 2010

Right at this moment the deathtax is 37%. According to the tax code, beginning 1/1/10 through 1/1/11 if you die and leave your children your wealth free of deathtax. If you choose not to die- the rate is going to jump up to 55%. Then, you might enjoy giving your kids 45% of all you worked for in your life. Granted some of you may think you dont have enough money to worry, but those of you that have a million dollar insurance policy kiss that thought goodbye. 50% of all households have two income earners in America, that easily puts many citizens inheritances in the line of fire of the million dollar threshold.

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Harry Reid pandering to the unions shows he is crooked too.

Ok, so in the recent news we have the ever open mouth of Harry Reid, touting how Secretary Paulson, has this power to bailout the unions.( ‘he has the power but just won’t do it’, implying that he solely is in favor of the big 3 failing) No I didn’t say that wrong, make no mistake- this isnt about the automakers failing. This is strictly about the UAW voters whom the liberals have been swooning to as of late to ensure their pocket voters will stay in their corner in all the forthcoming elections.

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Government still picking winners and losers


General Motors oldest retiree will be 110 years old this year. The employee worked for GM for 32 years and has been collecting pension and health benefits for 47 years. If this employee dies and leaves behind a spouse, the spouse will get a partial part of his benefits……..

…For every worker working at General Motors they are footing the bill for 2.5 retired workers. The picture is not going to get any better as long as the UAW isn’t willing to make concessions. What concessions could the UAW make? How about going on par with what the blue-collared salaried workers make and then negotiate to the national averages.

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