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Arrogance of the UAW

Ok so I just read an article where a leader of the UAW, decided that the union workers will not give up concessions in any sort of bailout deal. Really? So- I see , the taxpayers of this nation, whom have not done one thing towards the contract, to the automakers, to the CEO’s etc., can concede you 50 billion dollars but you and your fellow coworkers wont agree to taking any of the burden? Excuse me?

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Self determination?

“So then, your problem isn’t that either of them wish to give Government money to those who don’t pay taxes and or are unemployed, it’s strictly about where he gets the money?”

No.. I have a problem with a government policy that promotes charity over teaching. It prefers to control industry, instead of cultivate a vigorous job market.

That would tax the hell out of the people, business, profits, a tax pollution, property, tax on employees, tax on death, tax on interest, sales tax, etc… all these taxes…the second highest tax climate on the planet, why ? To pay for government charity.

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