Harry Reid pandering to the unions shows he is crooked too.

Ok, so in the recent news we have the ever open mouth of Harry Reid, touting how Secretary Paulson, has this power to bailout the unions.( ‘he has the power but just won’t do it’, implying that he solely is in favor of the big 3 failing) No I didn’t say that wrong, make no mistake- this isnt about the automakers failing. This is strictly about the UAW voters whom the liberals have been swooning to as of late to ensure their pocket voters will stay in their corner in all the forthcoming elections.

This too is the reason for a couple of pieces of legislation meandering through congress, like the “card check” bill. That bill pretty much allows blatant pressuring by pro-union organizers to form a union out in the open with no secret ballot. I am not anti-union, but if you want to unionize, fine- but lets not allow strong arming from either side of the yard!

On to the recent asinine comments of Harry Reid. In this link ‘Hightlights of the EESA ‘ it has a dood summary of what our representatives intended for this set aside money. It is not and should not be the damn catch all for everyone’s favorite constituents!

Where in there do we see ‘bailout this business and that business’? I see alot about troubled assets, contented that the are mortgages. This all arted with the housing crises, then suddenly we went off course away from housing into some other financial direction. This is exactly why I was opposed to giving this government that much power and funding. They never keep to their word, they never fdo what they say, and most often its seems you’d have better luck spinning someone in a circle and handing them a dart to throw at a plan.

I am so sick of these liberals pinning away for dollar signs every time they think they can get a pinch. The same democrats who want to cut the defense spending by 25%?…really?…hey idiots we are at war and likely wont be exactly safe even if we withdraw from Iraq!

I am all for reform of the defense budget, but likewise this useless funding of the global environmental protection, and worldwide hunger, needs some valve checking too! If its not the job of congress to protect us thoroughly, it sure as hell isn’t their job to feed the world and clean up the global air! If it’s cutting back pollution fine, I’ll buy that, but get off your pedistal…your budget isnt better because it promotes giving away American tax dollars to other countries before our own people.

Senate Democrats abandoned plans to take $25 billion from the $700-billion financial rescue program enacted last month, acknowledging that they did not have enough votes. Detroit’s advocates quickly turned their attention to a Republican proposal to keep the car companies afloat.

That proposal, which was endorsed by the White House, calls for modifying a loan program created to help the automakers develop advanced technologies and retool factories to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles. Sen. George Voinovich said the money would be given to the automakers temporarily to fund day-to-day operations. But when the money was repaid, he said, the loan program would be used for its original purpose.

Voinovich said he was working with Sens. Christopher Bond and Carl Levin in hopes of persuading senators from both parties to back the idea. If a deal is cut, Senate leaders said they would vote on it Thursday.

“I think there is a genuine concern here of getting something done during this period of time so that we don’t lose General Motors,” Voinovich said. “I think most people realize that this country’s in a deep recession. If we lose GM. . .it could put us over the cliff.”

But a deal in the Senate would have to be ratified by the House, where the Republican plan would be dead on arrival, Democratic aides said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ruled out changes to the existing loan program. Several companies have already applied for the funds, and Democrats fear the car companies might back away from their commitment to build cleaner cars if the program’s terms are changed.

Modifying the loan program “would be sending exactly the wrong signal,” said Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and a key architect of the Democratic plan to bail out the car companies. He added that “there’s a very strong likelihood for bankruptcy if nothing happens.”

With the impasse unbroken, Congress is on the verge of leaving the possible collapse of the domestic auto industry in the hands of the departing Bush administration. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday urged Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to use his vast authority over the rescue money to help the car companies on his own initiative.

“Paulson knows he has authority to take the money,” Reid said. “He just doesn’t want to do it.”

White House officials retorted that congressional inaction would be to blame for any disruption of the auto industry over the holidays.

“If Congress leaves for a two-month vacation without having addressed this important issue, and especially if the Senate leaves without Sen. Reid even allowing a vote on this [Republican] amendment, then the Congress will bear responsibility for anything that happens in the next couple of months during their long vacation,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said Wednesday.

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