Arrogance of the UAW

Ok so I just read an article where a leader of the UAW, decided that the union workers will not give up concessions in any sort of bailout deal. Really? So- I see , the taxpayers of this nation, whom have not done one thing towards the contract, to the automakers, to the CEO’s etc., can concede you 50 billion dollars but you and your fellow coworkers wont agree to taking any of the burden? Excuse me?

How is it that the American citizens, should bailout a company to ensure that a union worker has a job, when they are so self righteous that they can’t take any of the hits? Its my opinion that if a company is in jeopardy the government has no right to spend our money to save it, period! But, if we do it, there had been some sharing of the burden, among the workers and management of the company!

In this Oct. 7, 2008. file photo, United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger talks to reporters in Detroit. Even as Detroit’s Big Three automakers teeter on collapse, Gettelfinger says workers will not make any more concessions and that the getting the automakers back on their feet means figuring out a way to turn around the economy. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The fact is that American auto industry was not competing before the economy landslide! The American auto companies, can’t let go of the SUV, and the gas hogging luxury car, or muscle car. To even offer 3-4 economical cars. The world s pushing for alternative energy, and yet the BIG 3 resist.

While at the same time, in foreign nations they deliver products that get 60 mpg, but they wont allow them in the US??? Its that ignorance and arrogance that tells me as a taxpayer to let these geniuses fail. Companies that can’t weather storms like this deserve to fail.

The BIG 3 have no ‘right’ to a bailout, but if we are generous to offer help, they are IN NO POSITION to refuse to negotiate. Frankly if they went bankrupt they would all simply lose their precious contract, and they would likely take more losses then they would if they acted with logic instead of the same selfishness they claim CEO’s have.

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