Self determination?

“So then, your problem isn’t that either of them wish to give Government money to those who don’t pay taxes and or are unemployed, it’s strictly about where he gets the money?”

No.. I have a problem with a government policy that promotes charity over teaching. It prefers to control industry, instead of cultivate a vigorous job market.

That would tax the hell out of the people, business, profits, a tax pollution, property, tax on employees, tax on death, tax on interest, sales tax, etc… all these taxes…the second highest tax climate on the planet, why ? To pay for government charity.

Because we simply will not go back to our origins. Use to be if you don’t work you don’t eat. Use to be you expected the government to protect you against people attacking us, not expect them to wipe your ass for you after you crap, tell you what color toilet paper to use, and tell someone down the block to purchase it for you.

This idea that if you don’t support a ‘welfare state’ your mr insensitive is a bunch of crap. I love my country, but welfare has long sense done worse for this nation, then it ever helped. If it were as designed say someone lost their job, then got ‘temporary aid’ then went back to work, hey I would fund this all day long. But its not, there are people that have been on aid from teen years until SSI years, those same persons hand that down to their own children, who follow the only way of life they ever knew, are never cultivated a work first attitude.

Americans now simply think WORK is an option. That is NOT making me think this no questioned asked forced charity the American govt has designed NOT to better us as a nation, but to EXPAND the size of their power, their reach, their influence. They tell us the hoops to jump through and we don’t question, because now were addicts to aid…

The government could give a rats ass if we can stand up on our two feet, because the more independent we are the LESS we need to kiss their ass. This government wasnt designed with government worship in mind. It was designed to allow someone who has nothing, to make it BIG.

In todays atmosphere you get punished in terms of taxes, class envy, and the ‘hate the rich mentality’, because certain groups of the government use that as a way to foothold the majority of ‘trying to gets’, over the ‘already got’. That is so contrary to how this is supposed to go.

People on the left think its your right to:
health care
good jobs

their solution? tax the evil rich and assign you that.

Its not your right to get these from the government, its your right to pursue these in a free market, in a free country, where you are free, to fail or free to be as successful as you can dream.

I have healthcare, I bought my own house, I have had decent job most of my life, I have 401 k….and the govt has done nothing but stand in my way of these with all their interference and taxes…but didnt provide it for me, I got all that by myself. I respect it more I suppose then if someone handed it to me.- Had I not earned it with my own sweat.

This govt wonders why our GDP is down? Because our government has for 60 year cultivated a economy, and a people who don’t believe in sweat equity anymore, and the more YOU believe in it, the more you work and have to give to those who don’t.

Now your question of who the govt takes it from?…

If it takes it from anyone, it should take it from us all, and if it send out a check we she all get it.

I also question the fairness…. the people Obama targets, already pay what 50 percent of the government spending? Now lets hit them up specifically in order to send everyone below them a check?….thats not progressive tax. Thats outright wealth redistribution.

120 million Americans are outside the federal income tax….they deserve a piece of pie they dont even contribute to? the bottom 50% of the American tax payers paid 3% tax on 30,000 dollars or less of income…hmm they deserve a check?

What I am saying is none of us deserve a check….I say we all need a tax cut!…across the board, and govt needs to simply SPEND LESS.

If Obama would say I am going to CUT SPENDING BY 1.3 trillion dollars and send all of you a 500 dollar check…then ok!! because thats how it should be…

None of this class warfare bullshit….transfer of wealth essentially by a direct account switch….is nothing more then MARXIST, tax the hell out of everyone to nurse the people to government tit!

There is a big difference.

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