Hipocrisy of the Liberals

 Actually perhaps I’m stupid merely cause I don’t buy into the ‘ruleset’ that you seem to think qualifies or quantifies people.
You folks may take your liberty with a grain of salt -I don’t, you may want to socialize medicine, banking, housing, and then steal money from 5 percent of the nation and hand it over to other people, half of which don’t even pay a penny into the system…but I am not for that…and for the record I am a Libertarian.. I am not a republican stumping for Palin…however…if by accident some hand of God…she became president…I have more confidence in her -then I do anyone who wants to increase spending, put the deficit on the back burner, and one by one will start erasing my freedoms..

Now if Palins moose hunting, and clothes spending, and hick lingo and alleged stupidity is more of an issue then – say palling around with William Ayers…a terrorist…for any reason…any length of time.. in any capacity..There is really something wrong.

But for me- give me the person who may make mistakes…versus ..one who has a socialistic agenda and has always been learning from, studying with, writing books about, hanging out in pews with -anti American radicals.

These alarming associations are all downplayed from the liberal stumps, and the completely partisan media- as NON issues, yet they helped shape and mold a man running for the Presidency. Growing up in life with these influences has impacted Obama, and gives him unfavorable traits.

Yet here we are again railing on ‘the dumb bimbo’…yeah your priorities are alot higher then mine.

Yes I think Palin is green. I think she would do well to spend some time in congress…but thats just not what happened. She got elected to governor because she brought something to the table..rather you choose to recognize it or not…she has great potential…and win or lose I bet you havent heard the last of her.

You may say, Palin is a heartbeat away from the Presidency and is very risky. I will always counter that, I think Obama is just as much a risk, having never made an executive order for as much as a city, let alone, as the leader of the free world. Combine that with his obviously tasteless choice of company over his developmental years, and I have to say in those lights, give me Governor Palin.


I think anyone should be able to run for office, in Indiana they have someone running for a house seat who’s experience I heard -consists solely of student govt. Of course I would like someone to be educated… but as I mentioned earlier..

GW has a degree from Yale and a MBA from Harvard…and he is proving to be a true dipstick.

Education is not the whole variable. You have to combine that with other traits.

Although -ya could have a Harvard degree, and promise to ‘spread the wealth around’ and all is golden…people will go out of their way to deflect attention from you onto another to protect the hand that promises to pay them.

But lets be quite frank here. The latest onslaught of media attacks on Palins clothes? come on attack her clothes but not rake Obama over the coals for reverend Wright?…Twenty years Obama sat in those pews listening to this radical man, and suddenly thats a lesser evil then a republicans clothing allowance??

I am sure it dont matter if she went to the salvation army for her clothes its news:

“I cant believe she is so low class she couldnt go get something decent to wear”

or  “what do you mean she bought that at walmart…trailor park trash!”

It would be news to THIS media, because its not concerned with what Palin is really about, they cover this to keep the light off the character of their own crowned winner of the election.

You know it I know it…CNN, knows it..NY Times knows it…CBS  knows it…the View knows it. It is simply not a new tactic.

The self proclaimed Champion of the middle class…Obama paid $140,000 for that Greek chalice get up at his acceptance speech-no bitter outrage?

 (he will be sure to find some evil rich person to squeeze it out of when he gets in office)

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  1. Chele72 says:

    This is such an amazing read. -s- Thank you.

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