Trickle up works no better.

The “collective’ in this another term for the socialism model.

Obama wants to grow the economy from the ground up?

Notice how this starts by, taking from the top – whereby not raising the bottom, but LOWERING the top. The lower and middle do NOT move, they do NOT change. We all just seem more similar. This is not because we ARE ALL suddenly a success, but neither stands out among the many; the successful are castrated, the middle are still in the middle, and the poor have done zero in the whole deal to improve. They are still the same, except they have the gifts of money they didn’t earn, nor could regenerate on their own.

I could agree with Obama, if his focus on collectively furthering the economy by focusing on reeducating the less fortunate. I could get behind him, if he truly wanted to create and environment in which the government provided the tools and let people partake, utilize, and facilitate their own growth, and their own potential. People who want to be a success in America have to do it on their own, without the government forcing the issue by ‘cutting the knees out’ from others to make it seem like the bottom made gains. Thats NOT change…its manipulation.

Gifting people a house, food on the table, the insurance, the retirement, doesn’t change the bottom. They still do not know how to do it for themselves, and thusly will NEVER be changed. Although now they are forever doomed to suckle on the nipple of the federal govt…which flatly speaks for itself. The success of socialism is NOT that of the people. Its the success of the Govt that provides the nipple, the people without the nipple are helpless.

There is not individual achievement, ‘ladder climbing’ hasn’t increased, its slowed. There is not individual monetary gain, because the harder you work, its the more you give away-not the more you KEEP.

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