Whats this new love affair with Big Government?

Since when has it become posh to actually come out and rally for more taxes! It has not fooled me of course; I am aware that its just a union crowd trying to answer the call of the TEA PARTY movement. They do seem to have the favor of the White House, and have received several avenues of stimulus and bailouts since the arrival of Obama. Why would they not, cheer for more taxes to refill their outstretched hands.

The true agenda of the liberals has been, to flood us with piles and piles of leftist notions while they have the power. In order to leave us so angry and exhausted that we give up our will to fight.

This really isnt a matter of politics anymore. We cant really afford any new entitlements- period. The very essence commonly being ignored, if the government would stop facilitating business killing; if it would stop facilitating perpetual welfare. If the government would focus more on getting all Americans back producing their own wealth- which is a major part of the dilema, we wouldnt have alot of these problems.

The truth is politicians need crisis, they need to be the hero. So their answer is never have the people work for what they need. It usually is to let some sit, pay them to sit, pay to heal them, pay them out of the pockets of others, and call it moral obligation.

I feel its the moral bligation of all Americans to get up and work and forge their own security. The problem isnt Americans not wanting to give to their brothern, its they don’t believe its their duty to raise them cradle to grave. If you want to be free, if you want the rights of an Individual…then you have to take the costs of being an individual as part of your personal responsibility too.

Again I will say this, 47% of Americans are not putting into the pot, and yet demanding more of the pot be dumped in their favor.

How long should that go on?Who is going to defend the people who earn their own money?
When we will be ‘morally obligated’ to not steal from peter to pay paul, jeff, and drew? When will it be time for them 47% to start earning their keep? When is it morally acceptable to say ‘your healthy, your strong, your not mentally challenged get in there and earn your keep’? Since when and why is it bad to expect that? How does that make a person without compassion, cause they arent willing to pay to facilitate lazy?

Why arent we addressing real change that finds out why poor people are poor? Why are we not working to address that-where are the solutions for this epidemic. How long will it be prudent to subsidize one half of our nation? Why is ‘social justice’ (spreading the wealth) ok but why is ‘social reform’ suddenly hate?

When you see a crack addict shaking in need of a fix, is your first thought to give him more crack? Or do something to get him off the crack.

What is our government doing to get people off of ‘the fix’, survey says ….not a damn thing.

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