Big Governments Jedi Mind Trick moment


So I saw a blog today proclaiming that the EPA was having a contest. The contest is to have people submit propaganda youtube video to sing the praises of government regulation.

I was so taken back by this I clicked the inline link to the epa homepage. Low and behold, there it was just as the author claimed. The government offering a reward for this jedi mind trick? So we Americans who wish for smaller government and less intervention, are going to be tricked into helping the government sell more big government? Amazing, is this where we are folks? BHG33PMSFUVY

The following is an except from the rule page of the contest:

Almost every aspect of our lives is touched by federal regulations. Even before you leave the house in the morning, government regulations help set the price of the coffee you drink, the voltage of electricity your alarm clock uses, and the types of programming allowed on the morning news. But many Americans don’t understand how rules are made or how they can get involved in the process.

People are really supposed to be all over this idea? I mean I am no fool, I know we do need some regulations and controls in place. Though I thought they were only a necessary evil, not something that we are cheering for.

Upon clicking on some of the other pages in the site mapping I saw the next couple of items:

Federal Regulations are Important
Federal agencies write laws called regulations or rules. When Congress writes a statute and the President signs it, it usually doesn’t have enough detail for it to be put into effect. So, federal agencies fill in the details by issuing regulations.

Wow so they are actually writing details…did I vet out these employees? Geez I thought I voted on lawmakers for a reason. Imagine if you work at an agency, you can seemingly have a great deal of power. A slip of the pen, and you could have a major impact on someones livelihood. I wonder if that lends itself for target bribes? I am just saying.

Federal Regulations Affect Every American
Regulations have a direct impact on your life and the life of every American citizen:
· The price of the coffee you drink in the morning is affected by regulations written by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The television shows you watch are regulated by the Federal Communication Commission. The quality of the air you breathe is affected by regulations written by the Environmental Protection Agency.
· Regulations have the power of law. Breaking them can result in fines and even jail time.
· Regulations outnumber Congressional statutes. For every statute passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, federal agencies create about 10 regulations, each of which have the force of law.

If you read that would you believe that was an American site? Let alone an American government site. The braggadocios tone on this website, is quite appalling. They are actually fond of being 10 times more oppressive then lawmakers.

Again, I am not foolish enough to think we should not have any regulation. I just think if it is as big as its perpetrating it is, if it has the reach and power it claims; should we not have a bit more say who works there.

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