Big Government funds Socialist push.

Posted By on April 25, 2010

Finally the courts making a stand to end funding of ACORN. This organization has been notoriously crooked for many, many years. No matter how often it was brought under scandal, you still had big government funding them to the tune of 53 million dollars(since 1994).

It sickens me that the President, has a storied association with the likes of these people. It serves as example , that we as Americans must do a better investigation of our would be leaders. In the past men with silver tongues, were simply not enough.

Back to ACORN, and more importantly “Bertha Lewis”. To me its inconceivable, that any tax dollars would fund an organization who would send a speaker, to advocate, participate, incite, recruit, or fraternize with a group of socialists or communists.

Argue this or not, its these groups that advocate collapsing our current government and installing and Marxist or Stalinist government. How would we feel, if tax dollars were found linked to the KKK? Appalling yes?  Of course it is, as a patriot I am offended that I may of inadvertently paid for the destructive elements to invade America from inside.

 “First of all let me just say any group that says I’m young, I’m democratic and I’m a socialist is alright with me.

You know that that’s no light thing to do, to actually say, I’m a socialist, because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internments during World War Two. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation.

They are coming and they are coming after you and they are going to be brutal and [unintelligible] … they’ve already shown it to you. Organize. Get out into the street….”

Really, did we see any main stream media coverage of this? No, we saw this, but it was merely used as an opportunity to glamorize her insult of the Tea Party Movement. ( as a ‘bowel’ movement) Nice, a government funded organization spewing hate not covered, but a slur celebrated, the crux of her speech completely and utterly ignored. The Tea Party are going to lynch socialist now? Why will the media not report, why hide the bias? Paint one side as evil, while not reporting the other sides evil on the same keel?


“First of all, let me just say that any group that says “I’m young, I’m democratic, and I’m a socialist” is alright with me. [applause]

The reason that you have to build your organization, and make it as big and as powerful as you can, is because you need to get into real battles. And here’s what I think you need to do. And you need make sure that you get into this battle. The next big battle that’s coming…whether healthcare lives or dies…

Immigration is the next big battle. Immigration, immigration, immigration. And the reason this is so important is, you know, here’s the secret [whispers]:

We’re getting ready to me a majority, minority country. Shhhh. [applause] We’ll be like South Africa. More black people than white people. [laughter] Don’t tell anybody.”

This really bites my nerves- the media will not cover this sort of racism, make no mistake. If this was said in, around, or near a Tea Party this content or any variant of this -would be front page news. Yet nothing but “bowel” movement makes coverage.

Seriously-Americans we need to wake up. Don’t wait to hear it in the news, get in the fight for freedom. Socialism is not freedom, every issue is steered into the civil rights column to make it seem more objectively moral- its not.

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2: one that lives on the labors of others
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A drone is an assimilated being within the Collective. These beings are enhanced through the use of technology, connecting them to the hive mind and stripping away any individuality.

Resist assimilation- Undrone. Disconnect from big government. Self determination was the vision of our Fore Fathers-its time to make government restore the Republic!

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