Obama thinks tea party members should be thanking him


Really?….”say thank you”…are you serious?

So I was reading in another article, which referred back to this article in the USATODAY (here) where as part of the obvious failed stimulus package. This ‘cut’ is so insignificant I didnt even notice, or feel it. This constutes this middle class tax relief? Are you serious Mr President?

You are chuckling, cracking jokes, laughing off something as serious as tax policy, with this excuse for a tax cut? This was the ‘cut’ used to bribe the masses to vote for you which was supposed to be $500 lump sum, and turns out to be a tax credit. Albeit a tax reduction, but at what interest are we paying it. Your gratuity is far insignificant now in the abounds of debt you have leveled on this nation. 

So you have Congress pass the $787 billion economic stimulus package that we pay interest on. Then throw us a $400 bone, some credits if we buy a car, or a new efficient furnace or window. Allowing us breaks on taxes that shouldnt exist to begin with and I am supposed to jump up and down in glee?

According to the article $7.69 a week tax cut, is enough for you to treat the Tea Party Members like ingrates? Your dismissing these protesters with this tiny little effort? Did it ever occur to you that the average Tea Party protester, is not picketing for tidbits of tax reduction; that perhaps it wants sweeping reduction of spending, drastically lower taxes, fiscal responsibility and a government to maintain a balanced budget?

I do believe you know that, in fact I believe its why you and your party decides at every convenience to degenerate the movement. To paint it radical, racist, violent and any other segregate title you can, to be able to discredit and diminish its impact.

You will make jokes, using you ‘taxcut’ as a shield, while failing to acknowledge your part in their concerns. You Mr. President, do not mention that you havent spent all the slush fund-oops I meant stimulus– to create the promised jobs. That your enormous, and outlandish spending and spreading of government, has stunted job growth. So the “tax cut” means nothing if your unemployed.

Did you own up, that people who had $15+ per hour job were laid off or let go, and now are either on government assistance, or working for $9 dollars an hour(unless they work for government). Not to mention that the very 7 dollars that “we should be thankful for” buys us less in the atmosphere you are creating with your politics, and inflation.

This was all done to spur the economy back to life. This 7 bucks a week isnt quite spendable income, I mean- 1.5 gallons of milk? 2 loaves of bread? 1.5 gallons of gas? How again is this helping ‘jumpstart the economy”…people use 7 dollars to offset the inflation at the grocery, not buy things that would put people back to work.

You can not cut my taxes by 7 bucks a week and up the deficit by 9 trillion and see me smile you ass. Its like seeing something engulfed in flames and spitting on it to put it out-

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