Talking Points instead of answers to overtaxing

After watching this video, I just wanted to scream. “Come on Mr. President just be honest and answer the question.” However, when you watch it you will notice, the same old tired circle jerk stepping around of truth. Mr. President, she asked you: “Is it wise to be adding taxes at this point, when we are already overtaxed?”

The clear truthful answer should have been no. I remember when Obama professed he was going to go through the budget “line by line”. “Cut spending with a scalpel”, instead he has driven the deficit up to 14 trillion dollars. No cuts, unless you include the fake one where he froze spending on 3% of his budget that he had already bloated, beforehand.

So lets go through his ‘talking points’, I mean answers to being overtaxed:

  1. “Moral Imperative- We are the only advanced country that allows 15 million people to go uninsured.” Its pretty despicable to imply that people who don’t wished to be taxed, are morally challenged. I am very sorry Mr. President, we are still a free market, and still a free people. We have believed it to be the duty of each American to make decisions in order to not be put in the situation of being uninsured. Contrary to popular belief some people choose to not be productive, nor be active in subscribing to what you ‘an elected official’ has proclaimed as moral. I still do not see how this excuses more taxing.
  2. “You never know when you will be put in that position.- insured people don’t see the needs”. Indeed Mr. President! We don’t see the need, because we make the responsible choices. We bought insurance before trouble happened, not complained about being uninsured after the fact. Further, some people do not work to their potential. Some choose to work at McDonalds, then complain how insurance and medical costs are too high for them. Have you ever admitted the role the GOVERNMENT has in driving those prices upwards? Have you ever thought the governments position should be to advocate education and promote a better climate for business so there would be better jobs, then McDonalds to get? How about your role in KILLING JOBS for them? Your role in overtaxing and over regulating any business until it builds outside the nation? You still didnt answer the question of why more taxes.
  3. “The way insurance companies operate.” ‘ You may think you are insured and then an insurance company drop you through a rule, pre-existing condition, outright drop you, or you meet a lifetime limit.’ While I agree that these things are deplorable. This should be a part of reform. It has nothing to do with being taxed.
  4. “The cost of Health-care is out of control-price of health-care grows 3 times faster, then the average pay.” Well Mr. President, while you sit and play like your an outsider when it comes to the mess in the health-care industry. We know that the government destroys anything it tries to involve itself in. Politicians block TORT reform…which causes extra tests and cost for us. Government blocks buying insurance in other states, which allows for monopoly of insurance rates. Government stunts the drug industry with stifling regulation dragging out helpful medicine costing more lives. Government also controls the supply of doctors, which artificially makes doctors services more expensive because demand is higher then supply. The free market can not fix itself because of the 3rd party interference. Still you haven’t addressed why we must be taxed more.


The truth is we have all these programs: Schip,medicare,medicaid, prescription drug program, va, health and human services. Government ran programs that have failed to deliver all the promises. They too started out with weak financial prediction and now all are virtually insolvent.  Somehow in all of those programs we can not find room for 15-30 million more?

The health-care bill isnt about helping the people. Its a political statement for Obama, a rallying cry for socialists. The idea is redistributing wealth, and growing government into all facets of our lives. Its about changing what America is, into what “it should be”. The very basic question everyone needs to answer is ‘according to who?’

Who better to choose their own path, then ones own self?

By the way Mr. President the answer you was looking for about overtaxing- “If you don’t let us raise taxes on you, we will have to get the money from your children, not that it will stop us from spending money that isnt ours either way”.

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