Republicans trying to hijack the Tea Party movement

On the issue of the Tea Party Movement, although some Republicans share some of the philosophies associated with the activists- they are NOT synonymous. The recent effort by the Republicans to hijack the movement sort of irks me.

Considering the movement principles based on small government, fiscal responsibility, Constitutional obedience, free markets- it would be more Libertarian, then modern day Republican. For the past eight years the Bush administration did not practice any of these. Granted the new Obama regime has quadrupled the Bush expansion, it does not excuse the Republicans.

In his first term, ‘GW’ added 345 billion to the federal government spending. Following that performance up with close to another 350 billion additional, in his second term. Where was these ‘fiscal conservatives’ then? Where were the Tea Party claiming Republicans then? You can rationalize it with 2 wars, and this that and the other; at some point you have to admit that bad policy has a cost.

The Patriot Act, has to be one of the most liberty stripping piece of legislation I have ever read. This was a Republican President, who advocated warrant-lesswiretapping, rendition, seize of assets on the ‘accusation’ of Government-not fair trial. Where were you then? I know we were all fearful of terrorists, so you in your ‘Captain America superhero-like cronies’ thought our liberty was a small price to pay for a bit of security. You Mr. Republican- do not deserve to walk behind a Tea Party Banner- if you were a part of that.

Sure you Republicans back Big Business, giving your campaign consortium, tax favors. How about really getting behind business? You know cutting back this slew of regulation? Sure I favor some regulation, however 143,000 pages over 8 years. I mean business is tricky but how much regulation do we need to add? That many new pages on top of the regulations already in existence? The Government, in sheep’s clothing wolfing through the people in the guise of ‘protecting them’; where were you?

Now suddenly your the “party of No” ? I scoff at that. You people are the same. You stood idly by and watched while your own party betrayed the people, you even if in good conscience rarely said nay when it come to liberty. I would rather get some new blood in Washington whom can stand up for the Constitution. No, not just when it supports YOUR agenda, but at all times. Where is the man with passion, duty, honor to scream out for all to hear when encroachment is practiced? All Federal Government should practice being the party of NO. Taking its enumerated powers as its focus and excelling at it-for real hope and change.

You keep reaching your arms out to the Tea Party, like they belong there. In reality, your other arm is wrapped around the liberals. Practicing the same expansionist, imperialistic, bankrupting politics as they do.

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