Nancy the Hipocrat, Revolving Fiscal Responsibility?

It really gets on my nerves when I see Nancy Pelsoi in front of a camera. She is just another corrupt liberal pushing her own agendas, with no regard to what she said before. In fact, she really don’t care if the people are for or against her position, she does what SHE wants. Especially if there is any opportunity to step on the Constitution, spread the wealth, raise taxes, or put down any oppositions point of view as evil.

In 2007 she was touting how we couldn’t afford to be in Iraq. I agree with it, in terms that now that Hussain is dead we should be out of Iraq. Yet we are not. Not only that but we didn’t recover tax dollars for the cutbacks in Iraq, we simply moved the funds towards Afghanistan. How is that saving us exactly?

The truth is its not, the liberals hated Bush, wanted to paint him as evil at every turn-so war was evil and his fault. Yet now ‘war is not evil’ cause we are in Afghanistan and fighting a good fight? No both wars are against terror. If one was wrong so is the other, if one cost us too much so does the other.

Where is all the outrage? We are still fighting two wars! I don’t hear you now Nancy! Where is John Kerry? Where is Hillary?…no outrage? Obama what did you promise if elected? These people are not sly.

They are outraged when not in power and once they have the reigns their agendas come first and what was terrible before suddenly can not be avoided. So when Bush said (not that I believed it)”we can’t leave yet”, he was right?…yet no apologies from the left?

Or is it just a case of the left pushing hot buttons and talking points to get in power- taking the people for fools?




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