Hipocrisy-rampant to distract the people

“You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence. ”

Charles A. Beard

That quote prolly went well with the last post too…but newsflash after newsflash I have watched over the last couple days have been how the republicans have been advocating violent protests, among the wave of unrest, spurred on by the dictatorish health- takeover by the government

These folks have just slapped the tax payers, their own bosses across the lips with mandate they didn’t ask for or want and they act as if they are beyond reproach. That we should take our lumps and like it; they contend that the protesting Americans are not really American, they are just right wing kooks, practicing “hate speech”.

I am not surprised that people are threatening them, however I do not advocate that. Nor do I think the republicans are, nor are they inflaming, inciting, contributing to, or pushing for violent dissent.

Its very funny in the past years these same crying politicians practiced their inappropriate ‘hate speech’ (anti-bush rhetoric) by their own standards that was fine and well justified. However now when the Americans are in the streets protesting their actions, rather then just mindlessly moving through life with their heads in the sand. They see potential consequence for their shenanigans. They now need to galvanize their base to not be completely crushed in November.

Kerry was cool for that…

Meanwhile now…’conservative rhetoric’ is kin to terrorism?

not only that but aiding and abetting? really?

but this is ok..right…no ‘public appology’ for this nope..

Remember Tony Snow(I dont know much of this but know hoopla was raised) yet it exposes the hipocrisy..Daily Coast…Huffington Post? these people engage in hate speech (according to obamas standard).

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