Obama the “F” word?

The article below was found on Nealz Nuze, at Boortz.com. I read this blog just about daily, and come across this. I have always maintained, that Obama wasn’t the sort of proCapitalist- free enterprise leader we need. He is and always has been a Socialist. His speech is always in more government control, central planning, equalizing everyone into drones, everyone is paid the same, and can say what they want as long as its not against the government, and agree to be dictated to by the elite.

I know that things are rough out there, but this is when we need to be even more wary of this “spread the wealth” mentality. People are more likely to buy into the rhetoric when they are down. Just remember that it sounds good in principal (if you’re not all that fond of little inconveniences like property rights) but the realities are far, far worse.

Here’s what I mean, folks. How many of your saw Barack Obama on Meet the Press this weekend? I’m going to give you a few quotes from Obama, and you tell me that this guy isn’t dangerous for our economic prosperity … not to mention freedom:

“I think the important principle, because sometimes when we start talking about taxes, and I say I want a more balanced tax code, people think, well, that’s class warfare. No. It turns out that our economy grows best when the benefits of the economy are most widely spread. And that has been true historically.”

Know what? I would like a more balanced tax code myself. For one, I would like for more people to actually pay income taxes. How’s that for balance. Right now 43% of income earners pay no income taxes at all … and what little bit the next seven percent pay (bringing us up to 50%) amounts to about three percent of all income taxes. In the meantime the top one percent pay about 39% of all income taxes while earning about 19% of all income. That’s not balanced … so more balance sounds fine to me.

” …part of what I’m hoping to introduce as the next president is a new ethic of responsibility where we say that if you’re laying off workers, the least you can do when you’re making $25 million a year is give up some of your compensation and some of your bonuses … That kind of notion of shared benefits and burdens is something that I think has been lost for too long, and it’s something that I’d like to see restored.”

Restored how? By government edict? What are we heading for here, government control over executive compensation? Maybe government control over ALL compensation. Yeah .. that’s the ticket, isn’t it? We’ll let the private sector continue to own and operate the businesses, but we’ll put the government in control of setting all salaries.

By the way … do you know what you call an economic system where the means of production are privately owned but controlled by government. No, it’s not socialism. Under socialism the government owns the businesses. And it’s not capitalism. Under capitalism ownership and control is private. So … what’s the word? A very few of you know … and the rest of you are about to find out. It’s the “F” word. Fascism. So .. what does that make Obama?

We the people aren’t capable of thinking for ourselves (because 40% of Americans won’t don’t mean they aren’t capable) according to the liberals.

Everyday our government is seizing more and more control over the nation, and now the leader wants to limit what wage we can make, and mandate what we can do, say, and what we have to subscribe to.

If you go on down that post by Neal, the 1st response went something to the effect:
“Many of our most important industries were created by FEDERAL FUNDING AKA SOCIALISM/GOVERNMENT CONTROL. “….

“It is frustrating to listen to you right wingers incessantly carry on about socialism vs. capitalism in the United States”

Well folks, because the government loans you money…to start up a business- its not the loan that makes it a success, its not DUE to the government, perhaps they planted a seed, but the flourishing of all business is the free enterprise system…NOT SOCIALISM. If you really get into the brass tax of it, nearly every single thing the “government” has controlled in this country has turned into turds.

Look at Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Fannie Mae, Freddi mac, hell they can’t even pay the same amounts for the same meds, between the VA hospitals and Medicare recipients.

Because the ‘Military’ or ‘Federal Government’ come up with an idea (using our tax money!) doesn’t give some “credit” to socialism. The people pay for the government, they do that in the expectation that they are protecting the Republics freedom, and those who live under the flag’s freedom. The idea that if the government stumbles upon some advancement, and then the private sector makes it work as a nationwide achievement- gives the socialists some sort of merit badge is just ludicrous.

These damned socialists aren’t ‘out’ to the people… they disguise themselves as Americans- as Republic suitors, believers in free enterprise. The Communists, Fascists, Socialists, all hide disguised as Democrats. Why? if these systems are better why hide?

Ah! I know!, those systems have failed in every single other country whom have tried it, and only those people who seek power over others delude themselves into believing they are the ones with the secret ingredient to ‘fix’ one of them systems to implement it into the land of the free.

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