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Obama thinks tea party members should be thanking him


Really?….”say thank you”…are you serious?

So I was reading in another article, which referred back to this article in the USATODAY (here) where as part of the obvious failed stimulus package. This ‘cut’ is so insignificant I didnt even notice, or feel it. This constutes this middle class tax relief? Are you serious Mr President?

You are chuckling, cracking jokes, laughing off something as serious as tax policy, with this excuse for a tax cut? This was the ‘cut’ used to bribe the masses to vote for you which was supposed to be $500 lump sum, and turns out to be a tax credit. Albeit a tax reduction, but at what interest are we paying it. Your gratuity is far insignificant now in the abounds of debt you have leveled on this nation. 

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