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Talking Points instead of answers to overtaxing

After watching this video, I just wanted to scream. “Come on Mr. President just be honest and answer the question.” However, when you watch it you will notice, the same old tired circle jerk stepping around of truth. Mr. President, she asked you: “Is it wise to be adding taxes at this point, when we are already overtaxed?”

The clear truthful answer should have been no. I remember when Obama professed he was going to go through the budget “line by line”. “Cut spending with a scalpel”, instead he has driven the deficit up to 14 trillion dollars. No cuts, unless you include the fake one where he froze spending on 3% of his budget that he had already bloated, beforehand.

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Republicans trying to hijack the Tea Party movement

On the issue of the Tea Party Movement, although some Republicans share some of the philosophies associated with the activists- they are NOT synonymous. The recent effort by the Republicans to hijack the movement sort of irks me.

Considering the movement principles based on small government, fiscal responsibility, Constitutional obedience, free markets- it would be more Libertarian, then modern day Republican. For the past eight years the Bush administration did not practice any of these. Granted the new Obama regime has quadrupled the Bush expansion, it does not excuse the Republicans.

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Do I kinda agree with Washington on something?

Having been so focused on the tyrannical raid on my liberties here in the states. I barely have paid attention to the new policy we seem to be implementing on Israel. I will go into them in a second.

Having originally supported the Iraq conflict, (I dont say war anymore since they never passed the declaration of war in Congress) I thought we had a real reason to take action. We toppled over Saddam, he was hung for his crimes. We should have declared victory and left that day. He was the threat, we snuffed out the filth.

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