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Sorry Charlie-There is no Socialist Utopia

“ economic equality, today known as socialism, or the sharing of wealth”

What you mean is entitling some of the people to wealth, they did not earn, nor help produce is equality. So in effect theft is equality. This only serves the nonproducer with artificial happiness- it does not make him better nor equal. Of course the one who put the effort towards making the wealth that was taken, has been stolen from…somehow advocating theft to make things more equal-is supposed to be more moral?

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Nancy the Hipocrat, Revolving Fiscal Responsibility?

It really gets on my nerves when I see Nancy Pelsoi in front of a camera. She is just another corrupt liberal pushing her own agendas, with no regard to what she said before. In fact, she really don’t care if the people are for or against her position, she does what SHE wants. Especially if there is any opportunity to step on the Constitution, spread the wealth, raise taxes, or put down any oppositions point of view as evil.

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