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Oh you knew this was coming…

In case you were not reading the fine print. This is where the government stacks the deck. For a year now, they promised competition. Yet, the socialists are trying to secure a way already to make sure they do not operate with any restraint.

I mean it wasn’t enough, that they already don’t have to meet any expectations like regular insurance companies. They don’t have to carry a payroll, provide benifits, ‘make a profit’, etc. Now they want to ensure they can outprice even the smallest amount of Insurance Companies that can actually rival a resource limitless competitor.

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Is more of the same better? What happened to Hope & Change?

So I visited the website that promotes the egibility for medicaid. Upon a few minutes of reading, I was convinced that this program was exactly what the big government expansionists was saying they needed. I mean supposedly they claim people can’t afford medical, isn’t Medicaid the cure for that? What? Its broken?…or you mean broke.

http://www.cms.hhs.gov/medicaideligibility/  <<<<<<read it.
Part of the “escuse” for new “federal control of medical”, is that poor people do not have access to healthcare. I see so we already have a program with very broad basis for eligibility, yet its “broken”. It doesnt do its job?

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