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Buffet of Socialism?

The government, in its ever relentless assault on our liberty, is now trying to add on more government to the HealthCare Bill. The same bill that is rejected by the people cause we don’t want big government. Its almost laughable. Though I don’t find it funny, they are arrogantly pressing their socialist agenda, with more and more expansion.

‘We can’t get our big expansion passed, so lets take another facet we don’t control and bring it under our bloated bureaucracy.’

Americans have voiced a 3-1 oppposition to this government expansion, yet the thieves of Liberty plan to add another heaping pile of ‘control’ onto the pie.

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unions are above the rest of us?-wheres my Social Justice?



“The Senate-passed bill would establish a 40 percent tax on the cost of health insurance policies above $8,400 for individuals and $23,000 for families (the cost below those thresholds would not be taxed). Some people, such as police officers, firefighters and others whose insurance is expensive because they hold high-risk jobs would be exempt.”


So the unions are tweaked off because their ‘bloated’ insurance plans will fall into this 40% tax– so in order to not have to lose union support we will just push that ‘cost’ back to 2018? (yet include it in the CBO score as revenue in a ten year review) hmmmmmmm “social justice” tasty

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Right to Education???

“Right to education”?

You have a right to it?, Or does the public find it socially acceptable to invest in it?

I contend you have no right to make me pay for your childs education. Although I pay my taxes, because if I don’t I can be punished, it don’t mean I agree with your term “right to education”.

I know it sounds very moral to educate our youth, and I do favor doing such- the problem starts where what we are teaching is brought into question. Todays basic skills are suspect, in my opinion.
The lack of sustained civics, American History, downplaying of capitalism, selling the goals of big government. Suspected indoctrination comes to mind.

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Free is not always better

Recently I was conversing with a few of my online friends from other nations. Some were trying to rave to me how sweet it is to have free healthcare. Which I know there are pro’s and cons, and furthermore many countries have varying degrees of social medicine and varying results.

Its my own survey thats found for every single “social medicine is awsome” story you hear- there 3 misery stories.

Case in point – a Canadian Official just recently came to the good old bargain basement USA healthcare system to get treatment. Right?..

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/02/danny-williams-canadian-o_n_446481.html <<<<

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