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I wonder…


I wonder if Obama and the media will call this guy a “tea bagger, right wing racist, facist, terrorist, neocon, hate monger”

It gets tiresome listening to hipocrisy.If a union worker gets out an protests with their pickets and signs- its extrodinary exercise of their constitutional rights. If a conservative does so they are obviously wacko’s…lol

All the uproar over death threats and the like, trying subterfuge to avoid the recoil of a scorned people. Let’s call the 9.12’s and Tea Party activists names(to discredit them) and when they say no to something -they are insulting a protected class(they have to be a racist of course and excluded). Let’s blame them for violent behavior(to shut them up)…yet Nancy walked unabaded through them to go vote for socialized Healthcare…and wasnt harmed hmmmm.

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There aren’t any non-Government Solutions to Healthcare Reform??

I just watched a special last night. It was explaining how many homeless, and non insured patient walk into emergency rooms sometimes as much as 2-3 times per week even, and are not turned away.

The hospital took it upon itself to make its ‘own program’, which helped these people get off drugs, find jobs and housing so they wouldnt clog up the ER for real emergencies. This is a prime example of a non-government solution to a problem.

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Oh you knew this was coming…

In case you were not reading the fine print. This is where the government stacks the deck. For a year now, they promised competition. Yet, the socialists are trying to secure a way already to make sure they do not operate with any restraint.

I mean it wasn’t enough, that they already don’t have to meet any expectations like regular insurance companies. They don’t have to carry a payroll, provide benifits, ‘make a profit’, etc. Now they want to ensure they can outprice even the smallest amount of Insurance Companies that can actually rival a resource limitless competitor.

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Is more of the same better? What happened to Hope & Change?

So I visited the website that promotes the egibility for medicaid. Upon a few minutes of reading, I was convinced that this program was exactly what the big government expansionists was saying they needed. I mean supposedly they claim people can’t afford medical, isn’t Medicaid the cure for that? What? Its broken?…or you mean broke.  <<<<<<read it.
Part of the “escuse” for new “federal control of medical”, is that poor people do not have access to healthcare. I see so we already have a program with very broad basis for eligibility, yet its “broken”. It doesnt do its job?

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