Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Arrogance of the UAW

Ok so I just read an article where a leader of the UAW, decided that the union workers will not give up concessions in any sort of bailout deal. Really? So- I see , the taxpayers of this nation, whom have not done one thing towards the contract, to the automakers, to the CEO’s etc., can concede you 50 billion dollars but you and your fellow coworkers wont agree to taking any of the burden? Excuse me?

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The insanity of the myrmidons

Ok so today I was reading an article in the Washington Post. The article featured California Gov.Schwarzenegger, in which he levied that Washington got us into this economic free fall, and should get in gear and get us out of it. While I agree, they did with the ‘sub prime load debacle’ engineer this recession. I do not simply trust that they are the ones who can or should be trusted to fix a mess they made!

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