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So, looking at the news today, a poll already surfaced:

So I want to go on the record-s-. President elect Obama made alot of promises, its my opinion that when it seems he will not deliver on these promises, he and other liberals first excuse and main excuse will be GW BUSH. Yes, I know all through the election, we heard this trotted out: “Vote for McCain= 4 more years of Bush”.

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Government still picking winners and losers


General Motors oldest retiree will be 110 years old this year. The employee worked for GM for 32 years and has been collecting pension and health benefits for 47 years. If this employee dies and leaves behind a spouse, the spouse will get a partial part of his benefits……..

…For every worker working at General Motors they are footing the bill for 2.5 retired workers. The picture is not going to get any better as long as the UAW isn’t willing to make concessions. What concessions could the UAW make? How about going on par with what the blue-collared salaried workers make and then negotiate to the national averages.

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