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Would you give up your job, for Obamas tax cuts?

” Actually….I don’t think ANYONE gets it…except us little guys..We get it..in the ass ! ”


We’re all taking it in the ass…just some of us realize no matter what, taking money from one group of people and merely handing it to another group …its not only not gonna fix this anal raping, its plain out socialism.

The rich didnt screw you…they did what all Americans want to do -make it rich.

The govt screws you because, they bailout people who deserve to fail.

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Hipocrisy of the Liberals

 Actually perhaps I’m stupid merely cause I don’t buy into the ‘ruleset’ that you seem to think qualifies or quantifies people.
You folks may take your liberty with a grain of salt -I don’t, you may want to socialize medicine, banking, housing, and then steal money from 5 percent of the nation and hand it over to other people, half of which don’t even pay a penny into the system…but I am not for that…and for the record I am a Libertarian.. I am not a republican stumping for Palin…however…if by accident some hand of God…she became president…I have more confidence in her -then I do anyone who wants to increase spending, put the deficit on the back burner, and one by one will start erasing my freedoms..

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Trickle up works no better.


The “collective’ in this piece..is another term for the socialism model.

Obama wants to grow the economy from the ground up?

Notice how this starts by, taking from the top – whereby not raising the bottom, but LOWERING the top. The lower and middle do NOT move, they do NOT change. We all just seem more similar. This is not because we ARE ALL suddenly a success, but neither stands out among the many; the successful are castrated, the middle are still in the middle, and the poor have done zero in the whole deal to improve. They are still the same, except they have the gifts of money they didn’t earn, nor could regenerate on their own.

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